STORM is a contest targeted at new business ideas promoting entrepreneurship. The goal is to find business ideas which are based on competence and have commercial potential. The contest is primarily targeted at students and staff at universities of applied sciences in the Päijät-Häme region (LAB, LUT, HY, Haaga-Helia Vierumäki unit, Salpaus Further Education).


    All participants will take part in a raffle for:

    • 2 pcs Huawei MateBook D 14 laptops

    The finalists will receive:

    • For each team member, a maximum of five (5) 100 € gift cards for S-Group and 150 € gift cards to
    • Support and advise on business idea development at StarHub as needed.


    LAB University of Applied Sciences LAMK StartUp Accelerator project Mukkulankatu 19, 15210 Lahti


    Fill in the electronic entry form on By filling in the form and submitting it, the contestant accepts the competition rules and data protection policies. Entries are accepted in Finnish and in English. The entry form should include one small attachment, such as a piece of text, image or a graph on one A4-sized PDF presenting your idea to the jury. The form has to be filled in for each entry. The jury selects about five (5) ideas for the finals from all entries. The finalists take part in training during week 45 in order to refine their presentation. The list of finalists will be published on 9th November 2020. The finalists will pitch their idea to the jury at the finishing event in Lahti on 13 November 2020. The results will be published at the finale on 13 November 2020. A right to publish the winner’s name and entry is a prerequisite for receiving a reward.


    Entry forms are accepted from 9 September 2020 until 31 October 2020.

  6. JURY

    The jury will be announced before the final. The jury will consist of business experts and LAB University of Applied Sciences cooperative partners. The organizer reserves the right to change the jury without a separate announcement. 


    A fundamental prerequisite is that the entry is feasible and has technological and/or commercial potential. The further the implementation plans have progressed, the better the chances are for the entry to succeed. The idea’s novelty value and business potential are of crucial importance. Moreover, the team’s diverse competence and experience will also be of advantage. When assessing the business ideas, the criteria are as follows:
    • The idea’s feasibility
    • The idea’s innovativeness
    • The idea’s growth potential


    • The business ideas will be treated confidentially by the organisers and the jury.

    • The participants are responsible for protecting their own ideas the way they see fit (for instance, by patents).

    • The finalists will pitch their ideas to the jury at an open pitching event on 13 November 2020. Media representatives will also be invited.

    • The winning business ideas will be published. (If a contestant wants to limit the rights to publish his/her idea, s/he has to mention it in the entry form. The final pitching takes place at a public event.)


    The results of the contest will be published and the rewards presented in Lahti on 13 November 2020. 


    • The same contestant may submit various ideas, but each idea has to be presented on a separate entry form.
    • The contestants can either take part individually or in a team of maximum 6 members.
    • The jury or members of their family are not allowed to take part in the contest.
    • If the entry if submitted by an employee of a business, the contestant ensures s/he is following the rules of the Act on the Right in Employee Inventions.
    • If the entry is submitted by an employee of an educational institution, the contestant ensures s/he is following the rules of the Act on the Right in Inventions Made at Higher Education Institutions.
    • The contestant certifies that the idea is his/her own, and does not infringe on other people’s immaterial rights.
    • The rewards will be presented to the contact person listed on the entry form or the team as a whole. • The contestants accept the competition terms when submitting their idea.
    • The business ideas name must be publishable.
    • The decisions made by the jury are final, and cannot be appealed against.